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Second Chance Publishing is pleased to announce that The Iraq War Blog won a Silver IPPY medal in the Memoir category in the 2009 Independent Publishers Awards. Congratulations to the authors!

The Iraq War Blog, An Iraqi Family's Inside view of the First Year of the Occupation

Faiza Al-Araji, Raed Jarrar, and Khalid Jarrar


The Iraq War Blog explores, through their words, the lives of three members of an Iraqi family who lived in Baghdad as the American military and coalition allies devastated the city. They persevered through night attacks and daytime missile strikes that oftentimes wreaked destruction to their home by blowing doors off hinges and breaking windows.

The Jarrar family, while chronicling their daily lives amid the destruction, also provide descriptive analyses of the political climate that resulted from the American occupation of the country.

The Iraq War Blog is now available on Click here to order the book.

Praise for The Iraq War Blog

"In The Iraq War Blog, we at long last get to hear the voices of people who have been iced out of the U.S. corporate media: Iraqis, on whose behalf this war and occupation have supposedly been waged. Raed and Khalid Jarrar, and their mother Faiza al-Araji, offer powerful, heart-wrenching and eloquent testimony about the inhumanity of a misguided war and the futility of occupation. This book makes it possible to tune out the pundits who know so little and got it so wrong about the war, and instead, enables this extraordinary Iraqi family to be our guides to their country and their future. 'Nothing will change until the people wake up,' writes Faiza. She, Raed, and Khalid provide the call to wake us from this nightmare and point a way forward."

Amy Goodman (host of Democracy Now!) and David Goodman, co-authors, Standing Up to the Madness

"The Iraq War Blog depicts life in the trenches for those Iraqis who have survived the occupation. The Jarrar family is a testament to the strength and conviction of all Iraqis who see through the smoke and mirrors of the Bush administration; they are not fooled, they are empowered."

- Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Mom and Human Rights Activist

"...reading [the Jarrar family's] daily thoughts as the days of the invasion and occupation passed, we as westerners can glimpse the source of the bitterness that the Iraqis taste."

- Steve Conners and Molly Bingham, Directors, Meeting Resistance